Thila’a – Flat-weave and Dallah Pattern for beginners   

On our open studio days, learn the exquisite form of flat weave, known locally as the Thila’a. This is one of the simplest beginner motifs in Sadu weaving. Thila’a, which can be translated as “ribs” is a plain weave of alternating-coloured lines, which give the shape of human or animal ribs.   

Also, learn how to weave the Arabic coffee Dallah pattern, which represents the symbol of hospitality and good reception in Qatar. 

Upon completing this workshop, you will have learned to do the following: 

  • Warping (stretching) the yarn for the specific pattern 
  • Preparing the loom and attaching the heddles 
  • Weaving the flat weave and the Dallah patterns 
  • Producing one woven strap 


– Session duration: 2 hours 
– Price: 230 QAR  
– Date and time: Upon availability 
– Capacity per session: 6 people 

– Suitable for adults, and children aged 16 and above 
*Sadu Kit available for purchase at 550 QAR