Heenat Salma is an initiative dedicated to holistic methods in agriculture, architecture, and community development.

Our team is addressing the global need for ethical approaches to local agricultural initiatives, driven by the purpose to heal the land.

Our team is addressing the global need for ethical approaches to local agricultural initiatives, driven by the purpose to heal the land.

In 2019 the Caravane Earth Foundation brought together a group of dedicated experts in agronomy, architecture, and water infrastructure to develop a holistic farm model and ten year strategy aimed at both converting a conventional farm into a centre for regenerative agriculture and introducing effective permaculture into the extreme climatic conditions of the Arabian Peninsula.

Alongside agriculture, the farm is a place for hospitality, vocation, education, craftsmanship, and wellbeing — each field supporting and enhancing the others in an interconnected constellation of activity.

Lodging: the tents

We developed our camp using traditional tents positioned around a central fire. This instils a sense of community and belonging on the outside, while the tent interiors provide simple, private, and refined dwellings.

Tents view from above
Single tent with single-bed
Double tent with double-bed
Outside view
Tents view from above

Stay with us

Our 40 square metre tents are elegant and spacious, fitted with local hand crafted furniture and featuring an open bathroom with a shower, and a private garden.

12 tents – 3 Twin Size Lodges & 9 King Size Lodges

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Camp amenities

Multi-purpose tent, children’s tent, 13 metre pool, Majlis, library, concept store, spa, dining room.

Tent amenities

First aid kit, organic shower gel, shampoo & body lotion, filtered water.


The tent can accommodate two extra beds for children under twelve years old, available on request.


Free WiFi


Breakfast, Light Snacks ,& Beverages throughout your Stay, Dinner.


Hot & cold drinks, free parking, wifi.


Our Majlis is central to the farm and surrounded by our permaculture gardens, sidr trees, and the camp.

The Majlis area houses a wellness treatment room, a library, an outdoor terrace for relaxation, and a lap pool.

Evening campfire

A place to come together and spend your evening under the stars, relax, enjoy live music, listen and engage in storytelling, or savour the peacefulness of your surroundings.

Kitchen: wholesome dining

Simple, healthy, nourishing meals will be prepared by our Chefs using fresh, seasonal, and home-grown produce picked fresh from our kitchen-garden. Every dish will be a reflection of the season’s current offerings. Gluten-free options are available.

Working hours

Afternoon tea
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Complimentary afternoon snacks are provided in a presentation of non-processed, non-refined, guilt-free treats. The Majlis area dining room provides a space to share food, eat with others, and enjoy conversations.

We aim for a zero-waste kitchen: all organic kitchen waste is used for composting and the used water from the sinks is directed through a reed-bed system that cleans it, so it may be used for irrigation.