The Caravane Earth Creative Residency is committed to preserving and promoting traditional practices across architecture and urbanism, regenerative agriculture and food systems, hand-made textiles, and other creative and intellectual endeavours.


Caravane Earth Foundation’s initiatives are oriented around the four basic needs of human beings, which are food, shelter, clothing, and creative and intellectual expression. Through our Creative Residency, we are dedicated to connecting the inherent creativity and wisdom within traditional knowledge bearers with these needs, for a meaningful and transformative impact worldwide. We envision a future where tradition, particularly indigenous knowledge, acts as a guiding principle, shaping a more interconnected and sustainable world. 


Our objectives extend beyond the preservation of traditional craft practices, to fostering a global network of artisans, craftspeople, and creatives who are participating in the revival of resilient ecologies, societies, economies, and cultures across the world. 

We are dedicated to building a strong economy and infrastructure for arts and craftsmanship, growing and diversifying audiences, and sustainably producing a high-quality craft practice at the national and international levels.  

Core Directions and Thematic Pillars

Traditional Architecture and Urbanism

Exploring the roots and innovations within traditional architecture and urban planning to foster sustainable living spaces.

Regenerative Agriculture and Food

Promoting sustainable farming practices that rejuvenate the earth and provide nourishing, home-grown food systems.

Natural Handmade Textiles

Reviving the art of natural textiles, celebrating the craftsmanship and cultural heritage embedded in fabric creation.

Creative and Intellectual

Nurturing creative expression and intellectual growth through a vibrant exchange of ideas, art, and culture.

The Residency Program Details

Residency Program Overview

Creative Residency at a Glance

Set within the inspiring backdrop of Heenat Salma farm, the Creative Residency is designed to immerse participants in a holistic creative process, blending individual artistic pursuits with collective ecological, social, and cultural projects. Here, creativity is nurtured through interaction – with nature, the local community, and fellow residents. 

Residencies can vary from a month to a year in length. 

Comprehensive Offerings for Our Creative Residents

  • Accommodation in our cosy farmhouse lodge at Heenat Salma farm  
  • Access to our growing community of local artisans, craftspeople, and knowledge-bearers 
  • Experience of life on the farm, engagement in farm activities, such as gardening, animal care, or farm-to-table cooking 
  • Favourable conditions for working with the local resources at Heenat Salma farm, such as the use of all facilities/studios, as well as the necessary tools and materials for the resident’s chosen craft or subject 
  • Mentorship throughout the residency 
  • Access to Caravane Earth’s material and digital archive, and library 
  • Showcases of the result of the residency in the form of exhibition, publication, or other formats at the end of the residency 
  • Possibility of implementation of the results of the residency into tangible products, intangible formats, etc. 
  • Travel expenses and a fee (applicable in the case of invitation-based residencies) 
  • Production budget applicable in the case of invitation-based residencies 

Expectations from Our Creative Residents

  • A written proposal for the project that the resident aims to develop within their residency duration
  • Engagement with the local infrastructure, resources, and community
  • Commitment to contributing to the collaborative and supportive atmosphere of the residency at Heenat Salma farm
  • Participation in open studio day events (hosting a group of students or visitors) and occasional demonstration of their working process (frequency to be determined based on the duration of the residency)
  • Implementation of workshops for the local community (frequency to be determined based on the duration of the residency)
  • A tangible result upon the completion of the residency (depending on the direction and the duration of the residency)
  • Participation in resident group exhibitions and other events at Heenat Salma farm and elsewhere as they arise
  • Promotion of the residency and its outcomes through their networks
  • Evaluation report at the end of the residency

How to Join Our Creative Residency

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply by submitting a project proposal for the residency. This proposal should delineate the project to be developed during the residency, highlighting the reasons behind the project and its anticipated impact. Additionally, applicants should elucidate how their project aligns with the values of CaravaneEarth’s Creative Residency, specifically addressing the four main pillars: Traditional Architecture and Urbanism, Regenerative Agriculture and Food, Natural Handmade Textiles, and Intellectual and Creative Expression.

The proposal must encompass the preferred duration of the residency, along with a comprehensive list of necessary facilities and materials. For those applying for a research residency, it is crucial to specify the areas of expertise for which the resident might need assistance. Furthermore, applicants are requested to submit a portfolio (minimum 10 pages in PDF format) outlining the core aspects of their creative or research practice. This portfolio should include links to references (in the case of video documentation), visuals (documentation), and descriptions of projects developed in previous years of creative practice.

Our Mission to Empower Traditional Crafts and Knowledge

Our residency is rooted in the belief that traditional crafts hold the key to sustainable and meaningful living.

By promoting practices such as traditional architecture, regenerative agriculture, and natural textiles, we aim to inspire a deeper connection to our heritage and the environment.

Our objectives extend beyond preservation, aiming to innovate within these domains and foster a global network of artisans and thinkers dedicated to ecological and social harmony.

Resident application form