Through this tour, we aim to inspire and educate our guests about the vital importance of organic, regenerative farming and its multitude of benefits.

Participants in this tour will learn about our journey of turning a conventional local farm into a thriving organic permaculture centre. Our focus at Heenat Salma is on cultivating desert-friendly fruits and vegetables, regenerating the soil and water table, enhancing biodiversity and crop resilience, and supporting local, organic food production.

Join us to play a part in building a locally-sourced, organic food network in Qatar.

Tour duration: 45 minutes

– Price: 

  • 100 QAR for adults and children (12+)  
  • 50 QAR for children (5-12 years old) 

Date and time: Daily, between 11:00pm and 5:00pm 
Max Capacity: 15 people   
– Suitable for adults, and children aged 5 and above